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Have you got nice view? Can you install there a camera? You can attract visitors to your web site through image from your web camera. At the same time you can use presentation where your camera appears as highlighted. This and other servers will increase traffic of your web site. It is easy way to find new customers.

What do you have to do for it?

  • Send us a description of the place, photo of the location, describe the landmarks.
  • Give us your contact to you.
  • Describe where the camera could be installed.

What do you need?

  • Internet connection with public IP address. Router with possibility of ports routing.
  • Network cable to the place where the camera should be installed.
  • We will take care about getting appropriate camera and its mounting.

Who may need it?

  • Hotels, restaurants – accommodation and trip to that place becomes more attractive.
  • Golf courses – nice camera view of some hole on the course will attract the golf players to visit your course.
  • Companies – any sort of business where a wider public auditory should be addressed
  • Camera can point on the landmarks and objects, which can be seen from your place – there’s no need to display your own spaces.

What are the conditions?

  • The camera can be purchased or can be rented as a service.
  • The camera can be placed in outdoor. Installation in a place that is protected against rain or sun extends its life and also eliminates the problem with drops of rain and snow on the front glass. Installation place should be available for occasional cleaning of lens, or other maintenance.
  • Internet connection cable and also 220V mains plug for camera power should be in reasonable distance.
  • The camera isn’t suitable for installation in places where it can be easily stolen or destroyed by vandals.
  • The camera is powered with safe voltage from one cable which serves for data from the camera and power to camera.
  • If the displayed object is too far, we can provide optional zoom lenses.
  • Usually the camera is mounted outdoors. We are using water-resistant cameras from AXIS with heating. Cams that have housing with heating can be used for external temperature from -30°C to +50°C.
  • For outdoor installation, it is necessary that the object has proper lighting protection.
  • For usual images of cities and nature is sufficient, if the picture is reloaded 2 times per minute. AXIS cameras also allow transmitting of live video – it is extremely demanding on speed of the internet connection. The cameras also allow sound transmission.
  • Place our logo with WORLDCAMERA.NET to one side and your logo to the other side and you get a discount to buy of camera.
  • Technology partner for this project is the company disti Ltd. based in Prague, which is the official authorized partner of AXIS Communications.

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Our Webcams

Prague castle and city skyline with TV tower Prague Castle, CZ

Petrin Tower Petrin Tower, CZ

Wenceslas Square Wenceslas Square, CZ

Livigno Livigno, IT

Driving Range Rohanský ostrov Golf Rohanský ostrov, CZ

Harrachov Harrachov, CZ

Golf Resort Karlštejn Golf Resort Karlštejn, CZ

Golf Resort Albatross Golf Resort Albatross, CZ



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